What is the Theory of Time?

What is the Theory of Time?

The Theory of Time is a new theoretical view on the nature of our universe. It is a physics theory designed to take us to the next level beyond Einstein’s Theory of Relativity.

We can trace the history of how people have viewed our universe as follows:

Geocentric with crystalline spheres – Aristotle
Geocentric with looping planetary orbits – Ptolemy
Heliocentric with circular planetary orbits – Copernicus
Heliocentric with elliptical planetary orbits – Kepler
Galactocentric – Herschel
Theory of Relativity – Einstein
Big Bang Theory – Lemaitre & Hubble

Whenever a theory starts leading to illogical conclusions, it is time to revisit the current theories to see what changes can be made to improve a theory to bring it back into alignment with our logic and intuition.

Einstein’s theories, while they create a better understanding of gravity, suffers from illogical concepts such as time dilation, Dark Matter, and the creation of our universe.

Einstein’s Theory of Relativity suffers from assumptions he made in developing his theory. These assumptions include:

The Principle of Invariant Light Speed,
Limiting spacetime to three spatial dimensions,
Non-Euclidean dimensions

I have placed over ten years developing a theory that improves on Einstein’s theory by changing these assumptions as follows:

Non-constant speed of light relative to source
A new Spatial-Time Dimension in the Multiverse
Euclidean dimensions

The result is the Theory of Time.This website is for those who question Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. I encourage anyone who wants to make a legitimate contribution to this theory to become a member of this website and present their ideas and comments.

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